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Vanishing Existence of Elderly; Crimes Doubled in 5 years Against Senior Citizens, Mocking on Their Helplessness!

Centre for Public Policy, New Delhi Law student arrested for killing elderly woman – Elderly woman, trying to stop robbery, stabbed 27 times – Son kills parents over property dispute; some headlines which mourn aloud about the current-victimized-elderly India. Once a haven for senior natives, India now completely falsifies the famous axiom “Japan is the […]

Infants of the Nation Are Dying; India Looses Around 4,00,000 Children Annually Over Poor Sanitation & Bad Water

In a ‘land with 100 problems and billion solutions as depicted by an Indian Nobel Prize Winner & Activist Kailash Satyarthi’, its hard to decide what to discuss first; a problem or a solution!

100 Million Tons of Trash Wasted Per Annum; An Awakened Citizenry Must Intervene

Centre for Public Policy, New Delhi India’s race with other developing countries to reach the zenith of ‘Urban-Economic Development’ seems to go nowhere except in one aspect; i.e., garbage generation. According to several news reports, waste generation in South Asian hub especially India will reach the mark of two million tons a day in next […]

Modi’s Ambitious 100 SMART CITY Project: A Sham or a Practical Aspiration

Centre for Public Policy, New Delhi With a vision to replicate Singapore alike model in India and to keep up the grandiose promise, Narendra Modi government is grounding their most ambitious ‘100 SMART CITY’ Project with public-private partnership and an allocation of Rs. 7,060 crore which is little more than 70 crore/per city. This project […]

Connecting rural India to global opportunities with a hundred thousand learning hubs

PM Modi’s far-sighted moves giving an elevating jerk to the economy, with realizing the dream of a vibrant technological India, PM evokes for a ‘Digital tomorrow’.

PM’s direct and digital address to thousands of school children will strengthen democracy

Students in elite schools India have heard about President Obama addressing school students from time to time. Yet it’s for the first time in India that the school students experienced an interactive session

Building a connected Nation; Modi stepping towards making ‘A Digital India’

Chalking a way out to make technology reach the masses, PM Modi evokes for a digital tomorrow. This could be an effective step if we look at the present scenario

Literacy ways to growth but illiteracy backs employment; Surprisingly true!

India’s younger generation is at grave risk as unemployment amongst the so called graduated youth has increased to 32 per cent during 2012-2013 as compared to 19.4 per cent in 2011-2012

Future of the country starving with hunger; half of the India’s children chronically malnourished

With government prioritizing on growth and development, it feels shameful that India leads other countries in having the maximum number of malnourished children.

Juvenile Age, not an escape any more: Crime to decide the infliction

Eighteen is the segregation line that law has drawn for protecting minors; the age factor which encompassed the action is taken as a major parameter in deciding a person’s ability to commit a crime.

Sowing the seeds for a techno-friendly future, PM enables Wi-Fi in urban areas and universities.

Facilitating connectivity and utilizing the outreach of web to reap the harvest of a techno-friendly nation, PM Modi took yet another step to enable Wi-Fi’s in urban areas and universities.

Democracy flourishes under Modi Government: Access to government via public portal

Working towards effective governance, PM Modi launches a web portal to give the citizens their right to indulge in government affairs.

85% of Child Rape Cases pending; Reluctance of parents to bring their victimized children to court.

With many development schemes being introduced for a brighter future; the future itself seems petrified. A shocking revelation by NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) stated that 223 million children

Visionary Move by Modi Government, but will Skill Development now get the due recognition?

Another move towards betterment, New Government took a progressive step by giving Skill Development its own distinct platform. Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi created a new ministry for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

Modi Government must announce a “Sovereign Guarantee” for all its citizens to access a bank loan to educate themselves – Recommends Centre for Public Policy

The Centre for Public Policy has come up with strong recommendation for the New Government urging it to provide a “Sovereign Guarantee” through an act of parliament whereby each citizen has guaranteed Access to a Bank loan

Time for Radical shift in HRD policy- fund education only for the Underprivileged?

With many development schemes being introduced for a brighter future; the future itself seems petrified. A shocking revelation by NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau)

Pakistan MPs advocate partnership in the peace process

In a concern that has always been debated and fought for, be it at family gathering, board room meetings at corporate houses or at parliaments

Water: Will it run out

Centre of Public Policy in association with ASSOCHAM and Triveni Engineering & Industries ltd. organized a seminar on water crisis. The topic of the seminar “Water: Will it run out?”

Genetically Modified Food: Reality and Misconceptions

The Centre for Public Policy Delhi organized a round table discussion on genetic modified food in Delhi on December 28, 2010. The topic for discussion was “Genetically Modified Food: Reality and Misconceptions”.

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