PM’s direct and digital address to thousands of school children will strengthen democracy

September 6th, 2014


Centre for Public Policy, New Delhi

Students in elite schools India have heard about President Obama addressing school students from time to time. Yet it’s for the first time in India that the school students experienced an interactive session with the highest leadership of our country. Children used to experience a similar feel years before when, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru used to visit children personally on his birthday which is now remembered as ‘Children’s day’ and interact with the young minds to create inspiration for the future of our country. Walking on it, PM Modi used the digital platform to reach out to school kids on the historical teacher’s day yesterday.

In yet another move to build a close connection with the young citizens of India, PM Modi addressed the school children on the auspicious eve of “Teachers Day”. PM personally addressed 1,000 students at the Manekshaw Auditorium and digitally addressed thousand more in schools across the country, this marked the beginning of a close knitted relation with the budding future of tomorrow.

The live telecast of the speech was available to lakhs of government and private schools across the country. The telecast was available via live streaming on the web to ensure maximum strength. Live streaming was also made available through web channels of Doordarshan, PMO and the HRD Ministry.

The literal meaning of a democratic nation expedites under the exemplary leadership of PM, even the school children experienced the freedom to speak with the highest legacy of the nation. Teacher’s day was an occasion restricted to schools and colleges, now the nation got a chance to realize the importance of a mentor and the essence of the celebration. Such an initiative has strengthen the ties between a mentor and their protégée, along with marking a beginning of a new age technological generation which knows no boundaries of power or supremacy.

Centre for Public Policy believes that such a move will serve as a benchmark for other countries who inspite of acknowledging the importance of the correct nurturing at young age, hestitate to strike a personal connection with the children or the future of a country. We salute the thoughtful initiative of the visionary leader and applaud the schools for ensuring cent percent attendance. With continuous endeavours towards betterment of the nation, we hope the speech left an unforgettable mark in the budding minds with a zeal to do something for the nation.

Being one of its kind initiative, we hope that children took a lot from the thoughtful speech and by highlighting the importance of the day and celebrating it on a mass scale, students must have developed a sense of responsibility and respect towards the nation.

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