About CPP


Centre for Public Policy is a think-tank which researches and raises all kinds of issues that affect India and its citizens in every aspect of their lives, growth and welfare, through the multipronged channels of economy, policy, education, environment, technology, industry, social state and international strategy.

CPP is committed to dialogue and discussion on a wide array of issues like better governance, equity and inclusiveness, harmony in society, innovation in education, industry growth et al.

Our focus is to have an awakened citizenry, responsive government and an energized ecosystem that allows all to fully participate in economy and society.



Centre for Public Policy (CPP) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the goals of a better informed public and responsive government. The Centre defines public policy issues and enrich the dialogue among citizens, the media and policy makers so as to improve the way the government serves the people. The Centre believes in the importance of the citizens’ involvement in public life and is committed to sustained improvement in public services.

Centre for Public Policy Mission



  • Create awareness among policy makers and others on the importance of citizens’ involvement in the process of policy making.
  • Prepare the students and youth as future leaders who may be involved in public policy formulations and implementation.
  • Bring about greater innovative thinking, creativity and integrity of action in public dealing and civil interaction to improve the quality of life of all citizens.
  • Upgrade the skills of working professional who are currently involved in public policy formulation and implementation
  • Impact on public policy formulation through advocacy and research based analysis
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